Booling is a truth table generator designed to make the teaching of boolean logic less a burden and more an unique and traumatizing experience.

Runs on any Platform

As Booling was designed to run in the browser, it works on any operative system. You will never have to worry about which platforms your students are using: Booling simply harasses everyone.

Works even Offline

Although Booling is a web application, it works seamlessly without any kind of web connection. As soon as you open the app for the first time, Booling will be installed on your browser and always available for later use.

Made for Sharing

What if you want to share Booling in a flash pen, when there is no internet connection? Do not worry: Booling does not miss an opportunity to mess with students.

Therefore, it is also available in a downloadable version: a simple .html file.

Guaranteed Humiliation

Tired of holding your nerves when a student can't solve even the simplest equation? Consider Booling your personal bully! It will empty pockets, steal lunches and charge at students like a juggernaut whenever they miss, leaving no room for failure. They shall beg for their souls...